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Zombie Costumes

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Zombie Costumes: How to Look Scarier with Your Costume

The zombie costumes are great way to look scary in your Halloween outfit. So, if you are planning to look as scary as you can this Halloween, consider going for zombie outfit.

For a real hair-raising zombie look, you should add the following to your zombie clothing;


You are probably wondering how you can get blood. It certainly cannot be real blood! You can create perfect impression of real blood with fake blood. Luckily, you can find the made-over blood easily, and cheaply too. Walk into any costume store or department store and ask for fake blood.

Creative ways to use fake blood on zombie costumes are;

  • Smear a lavish quantity on a select strand
  • Blot your Halloween clothing with blood
  • Make bloody patches on your hands and legs
  • Smear the blood on your hairline
  • Create an illusion of blood dripping out of your mouth

Wounded Lips

Take your scary look a step further by creating bruised or wounded lips. Your makeup is the best tool for this job. Apply dark colored lipstick onto your lips liberally. Then, use a tissue to blot.

Sunken Eyes

You can create sunken eyes that look exactly like the ones you see with those witches on Dead Comic series. Use your eye-shadow makeup to create sunken eyes. Apply the eye-shadow around your eyes, all the way and blot with tissue.

Cracked, Long Nails

Cracked, long fingernails would highlight your scary look with zombie costumes. This one is easy to achieve. Simply walk into your local department stores and request for stick-on nails from the makeup section. When you get home, use a knife or nail file to roughen the edges of the nails.

Open Wounds

They come in rubbery forms and you can get the pre-made kits from a nearby costume store. The instructions for creating realistic-looking wounds with the kit are included in the kit.

Scruffy Hair

Make your hair scruffy to complement the scary look of your zombie costumes. There are several ways to make the hair really scruffy. Consider using a lavish amount of gel on your hair and using your hands or comb to tousle it. The best effect is achieved when your hair sticks up.

Create Red Eyes

If you decide to create a perfect impression of red eye zombie, colored contacts would be ideal. You can get them from your local department stores. You can also simulate red eye with red face paint. Apply the red face paint around your eyes.

There are tons of other concepts for looking scarier with your zombie costumes. Read our previous posts for more tips and ideas.

Top 7 Items You can Easily Turn to Zombie Costumes

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Top 7 Items You can Easily Turn to Zombie Costumes

One of the ways to look scarier with your Halloween costume is to go zombie! If you already have some stuffs at home, you can quickly create hair-raising zombie costumes affordably. There are extensive lines of zombie types to choose from. Some of the zombie types to select from include zombie footballer, zombie ballerina, zombie zoo keeper and zombie doctor. Just imagine a character or career and consider it zombified!

If you are not sure of what you zombify can easily, here are top 6 stuffs you can turn to a zombie outfit;

1.     Unwanted Exercise Gear

If you are tired of any exercise gear in your home, you can consider using it as your zombie outfit. This is a great way to mimic a zombie aerobics instructor. A great addition to your aerobics instructor zombie outfit is the 80s bouffant hairdo.

2.     Old Clothing

Your regular old clothing can get useful in another way; consider turning it into a zombie clothing. Make holes on the old clothe and make it look as tattered as possible. Unwanted old shirt and pair of jeans would serve this purpose excellently.

3.     Old Military Uniform

You can consider looking military in your zombie clothing by purchasing old military wear. A great place to get this costume is your local thrift store or army store. The old military-wear zombie idea will create an impression of piqued soldier returning for revenge.

4.     Dance Wear

Tutus is a good example of dance wear that you can zombify. So, if you decide to mimic a dancer in a zombie style, any dance wear such as tutus would meet the need.

5.     Old School Uniform

If your old school is within your locality, this may not be suitable as your former school teacher or principal may raise an eyebrow or cause a scene for zombifying the school uniform.

6.     Party Wear

Party wear is also suitable for zombie costumes. You will create an impression of someone dressed up for a party when the zombie suddenly intercepted.

7.     Career Uniform

Any career uniform can be turned into a zombie clothing. Different career uniforms you can zombify include nurse uniform, council inspector outfit, garbage collector outfit and more. If you don’t have any career uniform but would love to reflect a particular career with your zombie costume, a local thrift store will bail you out. You can also shop online for old career uniform.

Warning: Be careful when trying to turn a career uniform into a zombie clothing. There may be some regulations guiding the use of such uniforms. Consider going for outdated uniforms that may not be possibly subjected to certain usage regulations.

Finally, you can turn just anything to zombie costumes. It all depends on your creative imagination.